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ABC Bonding Co is a bail and surety bonds service helping Anahuac individuals and their families secure the funds needed to experience freedom. Our bail bondsman has the knowledge and experience to assist you in any type of situation. We have offices in and around the Anahuac, TX area and are available 24/7 to arrange for a bail agent to meet your financial obligations.

Count on ABC Bonding Co to treat you with discretion and respect. After all, it’s your freedom that matters most.

What we do

Whether you were wrongly accused of a crime or find yourself in an unfortunate situation, ABC Bonding Co of Anahuac is here to help. Our bail bond agents give affordable bail and surety bonds to individuals and families in need. They understand the ins and outs of the judicial system.

You can trust our bondsman to:

  • Quickly and efficiently file required paperwork
  • Use court contacts to expedite your release
  • Work with you and your budget
  • Provide the lowest rates in town
  • Post your bond fast, usually in 10 minutes

We offer repayment plans enabling you to pay the bond over time. We care about your freedom and your future.

Highly discreet

We understand that the fewer people who hear about your arrest, the better it is for your long-term personal and professional well being. That's why ABC Bonding Co places a high premium on your privacy and security.

Our Anahuac-based bondsman and bond agents maintain the strictest levels of discretion in handling your matter. Paperwork to expedite your release is kept highly confidential and will never wind up in the wrong hands. Call us today to arrange a meeting.

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